Meaning of environmental diagnostic

The Environmental Review is a application used to periodically and objectively evaluate that operations and in general all of the activities carried out by the thing are satisfied under parameters accepted aid the environmental quality. It is pertinent that this audit be carried out in a preventative manner, guarding the environment, while at the same time aiming to enhance the efficiency of resources and generate a decrease in costs.

The main objective of the environmental auditors is usually to enable precautionary control over the practices, businesses and activities carried out by the company, which may have got a negative influence on the Environment; consequently , evaluates the presence of environmental insurance policies within the business and complying with all of them. It also seeks to identify the strongest and weakest points in which work can be done to obtain a suitable model that sustains the environment, just like:

Production and distribution processes.
Research Strategies.
Development of new products.
Waste disposal.
Maintenance of buildings and premises.
Measures to save energy and water.
Sources of toxic contamination.
Sewage treatment.
Handling and transport of controlled goods.
Natural resources exploitation.

At the conclusion of the Environmental Audit, executives should prepare a report resolved to managing, informing the findings and issuing an impression on the environmental policies with the entity, and in general on all elements necessary for the protection in the environment. This article may include recommendations for improving environmental policies.

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